Shipping your Car: State to state auto transport

Are you relocating to another state, and need to transport your vehicle, too? Long distance moves can be grueling work, and the added stress of transporting a vehicle doesn't help. Towing your car isn't always an option, as often movers are already towing trailers with belongings on board.

While driving the distance can be an option, maybe you don’t have a driver for your truck, or maybe you want to travel as a family rather than in separate vehicles, yet you have a second car that needs to make it to your destination. Maybe you just want to avoid adding extra mileage to your vehicle and avoid risking car trouble occurring in the middle of a long distance move.

Sometimes you need to transport a vehicle but your own schedule doesn't allow for a cross-country trip. It may be easier – and more economical – to ship a car cross country, leveraging the expertise and experience of an upscale auto transport service.

Auto and Car Transport

If you’re in need of shipping your car between states, can help you find a local, trusted and reliable auto transport service.

Moving can be stressful, and figuring out how to get your car from one state to another can add to the never-ending “to do” list that comes with making an interstate move. When you hire a professional upscale auto transport service you can rest easy with the confidence that your vehicle will safely meet you at your destination, whether it’s across the state or the country.

How do Upscale Auto Transport Services Work?

Car transportation is the easiest way to move your car from one place to another, whether you're relocating, transporting a vehicle you just purchased, or transferring a vehicle into the hands of a family member, colleague or friend.

If your car is particularly valuable, such as a classic car or exotic car, you may want to consider using an enclosed auto transport trailer, which will offer more protection for your expensive vehicle, rather than being shipped on an open multi-deck trailer.

Cross-country transport quotes can vary based on vehicle size and whether you choose enclosed car transport. Enclosed trucks cost 40-60% more than standard open trailers, but offer a higher level of service.

You can choose a carrier who you can reach out to throughout the cross country car delivery process. Discuss the destination location, as there are more carriers going to cities with major thoroughfares leading to them than small towns.

Remember, there are legal guidelines prohibiting a cross-country car transporter from hauling anything that isn’t vehicle-related. A work truck carrying tools associated with the company would be allowed typically, but for moving household goods cross-country, you’re better off with other options.

Your vehicle will be inspected before and after its journey. It's a good idea to clean out your car, so you don’t risk personal items going astray in transit. Starting out with a clean vehicle will help you confirm the condition of your car is the same when you get it as when it left.

Getting Ready for a Move and Need Help Transporting your Vehicle from State to State?

If you need to transport a vehicle from one state to another, consider hiring one of our valued and vetted professional auto transportation service providers. You can rest assured that your vehicle will be safely transported to its destination with reliable, insured drivers, so you can focus on the other aspects of your move, and of your life.