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It’s finally happened - the international move you’ve dreamed of your whole life. You’re adventuring to a new country and starting fresh. You’re ready to take on the world. Are you ready to take on your move?

Unfortunately, international moving isn’t as easy as many people expect. Furniture, valuables, vehicles, and other possessions must be shipped carefully. Some items must pass strict customs requirements; others must be kept from damage for the long journey. Some are simply too difficult to pack and move alone. That’s where international moving companies come in.

International moving companies can ensure your international move goes smoothly by packing valuable items carefully, transporting large items safely, and tracking all legal import and customs regulations reliably. Keep reading to learn more about how a professional moving service can help you!

About International Shipping

International shipping differs from domestic shipping and moving, not just because of the distance, but because of the legal implications involved in imports and cross-border shipments.

Why You Need an International Moving Company

While it may be tempting to ship your belongings yourself, it’s unwise.

Import and immigration laws are complex - do you know how much you’re allowed to take into your new home country tax-free? Are you aware of which items can be sent in the mail, which are not allowed in the mail, and which shouldn’t be shipped (for security reasons)?

Without international moving services, you can easily run into legal roadblocks in moving your belongings. Some of your items could be lost, stolen, or broken on arrival - or they may take months to arrive, if customs seizes them due to incomplete paperwork.

What Are The Advantages Of Using International Moving Services?

With international moving companies, you won’t need to worry about navigating the complexities of international shipping and import laws. You’ll simply speak with an experienced international moving professional, plan with them your shipping strategy, and allow the professional to handle the rest.

You won’t need to stress about properly packaging larger items, or comparing shipping services to find the best high-quality affordable companies. You won’t need to be concerned whether you have the right paperwork to bring a car to your new country or import expensive jewelry. International moving companies handle all those details, so you can focus on your move.

Our International Shipping Services

When you’re planning your international move, come to Moving Companies Online to compare quotes and find the best international moving company in your area. We’re connected to top-rated international moving companies. We’ll gladly put you in touch with the international moving services that can carefully, safely pack and move your belongings worry-free.

Moving is already stressful. Don’t spend extra energy stressing about finding the best international moving companies; we’ll handle that for you.

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