Specialty Movers

The term “Specialty Movers” can sound confusing and complicated. Rest assured, it is neither. Put simply, specialty movers are hired to help you safely transport highly valuable items, extra-large items, or items that require complex handling instructions and extra care.

Commercial items are also considered specialty items, and need to be handled by a trained, experienced, insured, licensed professional. Look to these trained professionals to take care of belongings with special handling and delivery instructions.

What are Some Items Specialty Movers Deal With?

Specialty movers deal with such items as:

  • Pianos
  • Medical Equipment
  • Trade Show Exhibits
  • Museum Exhibits
  • Fine Art
  • Pieces of China
  • Grandfather Clocks
  • Antiques
  • Large Flat Screen Televisions
  • Pool Tables
  • Boats
  • Automobiles

The Process

The first step is to sort all of your belongings that are rare, valuable, and exceptionally large. At the time your specialty mover gives you a quote, ask any and all questions that come to mind regarding the items being moved. Since regular boxes and bins will not suffice, most specialty movers require large items such as valuable artwork and chandeliers to be placed in custom crates.

Also, if you are shipping a car, boat, jet ski, motorcycles, or other type of large equipment, it’s wise to speak with the moving company to ask for detail on how they plan on handling these large and awkward valuables.

What Makes Specialty Movers So Special?

In short, specialty movers are trained to have a deep understanding of all of the risks and intricacies involved in moving large, highly valuable items. The team works together to move the valuables in an effective, safe, and caring manner in order to avoid damage and injuries. These types of movers are at risk for broken bones, pulled muscles, injured backs, and other types of harm, so it is imperative that they know how to work together to not only take great care with your treasured items, but also take great care of their own personal safety.

Hiring a specialty moving company may seem costly at first, but considering all of the logistics and the danger of moving such heavy, sometimes awkward, valuable pieces, the cost far outweighs the risk of going the “do-it-yourself” route. Also, in order to tackle the job on your own, you would have to purchase all of the equipment yourself, including straps, levers, dollies, and cranes. A simple move with a specialty mover has now become a risky and expensive DIY project.

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