Storage Units

You’re in the middle of a harrowing move from one state to another. You’re transporting your possessions across the US, checking each box meticulously to ensure nothing is broken - and then you start unpacking.

And not everything fits in your new home.

Or your living arrangements change, and you need a location to store your things while you find a new place to live.

There are plenty of reasons movers look for storage units during their move. Sometimes, storing extra boxes can help a family unpack the essentials more efficiently. Other times, storage is necessary due to unexpected circumstances that limit unpacking space. When you need a safe, climate-controlled, monitored storage solution for your move, reach out to Moving Services Online today!

Our professionals can search long-term and short-term self-storage units near your new home (or previous home) to find the best storage solution for your move.

About Storage Units

Storage is an important step in some moves. It can help keep your belongings safe and undamaged, make unpacking more efficient, and lower your anxiety level. Our partner providers offer cheap, safe and high quality self-storage and full service storage options for all your storage needs, big, small or anything in-between.

Why Can’t I Just Store It Myself?

Some individuals choose to store their own boxes. While this may seem helpful, it generally defeats the purpose of storage.

When you rent a short-term storage unit to hold your extra boxes, you’re given a different perspective on your space. You no longer see the garage or basement as “storage space”: you see their potential to become a workshop, sports space, arts and crafts room, or something else.

In addition, long-term storage can allow you to unpack more efficiently. Not sure where to put the kids’ winter clothes yet? If it’s still summertime, then store the winter clothes for now. Not sure where to keep your camping supplies? If it’s winter, put them in the storage unit. Having a long-term storage unit gives you the opportunity to focus on unpacking what’s important now, and dealing with the rest as it’s needed.

What Are The Advantages Of Hiring A Professional?

There are a variety of advantages to professional short-term and long-term storage units.

For example, many storage companies offer climate control for their units. Delicate items such as photos, wooden furniture, electronics, and clothes should be kept around room temperature at all times to prevent damage.

Additionally, even cheap self-storage often includes security monitoring. If you’re worried about someone breaking into your garage, store your boxes at a storage facility for peace of mind.

Cheap and Affordable Self-Storage Options

At MovingCompaniesOnline, we take pride in connecting storage-needing individuals like you to the best local storage companies. We compare ratings and prices, look at available features, and send you top-rated options within your budget that cater to your needs.

Moving is hectic. Scouring the internet for “best storage near me” is time-consuming. Let us do the heavy lifting for you, so you can get back to settling in.


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